We Use The Internet To Bring You More Customers.

It's no secret that the number one thing businesses are struggling with today is marketing.

No longer is the age of Yellow Pages, and it seems like every day there's a new platform that everyone needs to advertise on.

Your phone is ringing and your inbox is full of unsolicited messages from people claiming they can solve all your problems, they just want a couple thousand bucks and your trust.

So you do what most people do and tirelessly type away into Google, "Best Internet Advertising Techniques", "How do I run a Facebook Ad?", "How to do SEO for my business?" until you're so overwhelmed with Information that you give up or task one of your staff to figure it out (they don't figure it out).

What are you supposed to do? 

Well if you haven't already, watch the video above, where I outline a Digital Marketing Strategy that everyone needs in their business today. In the video, I also explain to why Facebook Advertising is the one thing every business should be using in their marketing.

Through countless of hours spent reading, completing online programs, and thousands of dollars spent going to conferences, networking with the best in the marketing industry, and working my way into some inner circles, I have started Online Marketing Ventures as a beacon of light to guide businesses from where they are, to where they want to be.

Which is why I invite you to click the button below. I have prepared a short but comprehensive free training video where I'll run you step by step through a profitable Facebook advertisement I have run for a client in the past.

- Anthony Shields, Founder

Build the Infrastructure Necessary to Scale Your Business

We handle website design and website development for our more complex clients. What's the difference? Design has to do with how your website looks, while development is more data management. We have to the ability to take your business completely off of paper and excel, consolidate all information in one place, and automate tasks in your daily workflow. We want to save you massive amounts of time, money, and energy so that growth in your business is seamless.

Once you have the tangibles, you need the intangibles... This is your brand story, which will give you a basis for your social media strategy. Your brand story is your business's movie, and each scene in that movie is depicted through your social media posts, emails, and blog posts.

Put Your Infrastructure to Work With Essential Marketing Tools

Grow your audience and people coming to your website through the use of Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, and consistent email and text message marketing. 

Our background in data management puts us ahead of our competitors in identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) in your ad spend. We will more efficiently spend your advertising dollars by using remarketing and retargeting in your customer acquisition strategy. This will allow you to build trust between you and your audience so that they react to your online content, lowering your cost per acquisition of a customer, and increasing your overall profit.

We Deal With Four Types of Clients Here At OMV

  1. Clients who have the automation, and staff necessary to take on more business, but their marketing tactics are outdated and ineffective.
  2. Clients who have no automation in their business, and are waisting tons of time doing the same task over and over again.
  3. Clients who don't have any automation or marketing in play but understand its importance, and want us to take care of it.
  4. Clients who prefer to learn and execute these tactics themselves or through their own team.

The process of on-boarding a new client is somewhat different depending on the client we gain, click the link below to learn more about each process.

To who and where should we email and text the training?