How We Help

Helping You Get More Customers

Every business needs a digital marketing strategy that can consistently and profitably bring in more customers. Everything from the the type of information about your product / service your company puts online, how you put it online, where you send people to learn more, and how you follow up with people can and should be thought out in order to maximize your bottom line.

Helping You Get More Out Of Your Money

The more information you have on your business, the better decisions you can make. Aggregated data is an extremely valuable asset to any business, which can help you increase R.O.I. by showing what is working (where more dollars should be budgeted) and what isn’t working (where budgets need to be cut).

Helping You Save Time

A lot of company time is wasted on doing repetitive tasks. Time is money in your business and that is why you should be using automation wherever you can. Anything from following up with current or potential customers, to analytics on your business can all be automated in order to save you time and help you focus on what’s important.

Why OMV?​

Create a Resource Where Customers Can Quickly Learn More About Your Business Through

Website & Mobile Application Design

First impressions are extremely important especially in business, that’s why we will give you the professional look and feel your business deserves. Specializing in WordPress, Shopify, & iOS, we’ll help you design and install easy to navigate websites and apps in order to collect information and payments from your customers.

Systematize and Analyze Your Business More Easily Through

Database Development & Automation

Making informed business decisions, and cutting time on tasks will directly increase your profit margins. Task management systems, CRMs, analytics on your website social media and email, automated email and notification sequences, We have the experience and know how to implement a centralized system to help you analyze and manage your business. 

Consistently Get More Customers Through

Online Marketing

You could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have sales you do not have a business. Having a consistent and effective strategy to inform your audience of your product / service is vital to the health of your company. There are many ways to advertise online, but what really gives you the biggest return on your investment is how you collect people’s information and follow up with them until they buy from you. Online Marketing Ventures, Inc. will help you get where you want to go by handling everything from content creation (photography, videography, graphic design) to distribution (social media management, paid advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization).