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Online Marketing Ventures, LLC

We have clients with local, national, and international customers and will work with you to create a tailored solution that fits your company's exact needs. More information can be found below.

Who We Are

We are a business that partners with medium to large sized businesses to help them build necessary infrastructure to scale.

Our Mission

To help as many businesses as possible by designing more efficient solutions to their daily tasks and keeping up with current marketing trends.

What We Do

We help with consolidating data, installing complete automation, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Our History

In February 2017, after a year and a half of learning database development, web design, and marketing techniques, Anthony Shields created Online Marketing Ventures after closing his first major client. Since then, OMV has worked with several companies helping them to automate and scale. We will work with you to tailor a solution that fits your business's exacts needs.

Click the link below to schedule a free consultation with one of our business specialists. We will go over how we can help you accomplish your goals, exactly how much it will cost, along with how long it will take.

Our 6-D process

  • 01

  • Define

    First things first, who is your ideal customer? What do they look like? What do they want/need and how can you best help that fulfill that? If you do not already know, we work with you to define it.

  • 02

  • Discover

    Once we define your ideal customer, we need to figure out where they congregate! This will help us build a digital marketing strategy best fit for your business allowing you maximize your bottom line.

  • 03

  • Develop

    After we get people to your website, we need to decide what the need to do. Will you be selling products? Will you have automation? User accounts? A simple contact form?

  • 04

  • Design

    After we develop the user experience, we need to design how your website will look. Copywriting, videos & graphics will need to be added to help convert visitors into leads and eventual sales.

  • 05

  • Execute & Analyze

    When we have all the pieces in play, it is time to execute our strategy. Once we have enough data, we use it to learn what is working and were your business can improve.

  • 06

  • Modify & Repeat

    Using Key Performance Indicators (kpis), we improve your strategy, execute, and analyze over and over again. This will keep your business from becoming too stagnate.

Why choose us?

  • Honesty

    No hidden fees, no extended deadlines, no B.S. What we agree on is what you get and that is a guarantee. 

  • Data Driven

    Every client we work with will get access to far more data than they previously had. Where are your website visitors coming from? What suggestions do your audience have to make their experience better? How much does it cost to get someone to your website and how much does it cost to obtain a lead? All questions we can get access to with data, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

  • Quality Designs

    Not only will you be proud to own a website or database built by us, but your business will do better. We will streamline processes allowing for easier navigation and a better experience for you and your audience.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Click the button and let us know how we can best help you by scheduling a time to talk!

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