Case Study: Online Marketing Ventures

What Issue Was This Client Having?


  1. The client (us!) did not have a website.
  2. They did not have anywhere to send someone to learn more about their business.
  3. They had no means to gather leads for potential sales.
  4. They had no task management system.

Who Needs To Use This Website?


  1. People shopping around for web designers/developers, online marketing services, and consulting.
  2. Employees that need to manage their work, and user profiles.
  3. Business Executives that need to manage their work, employees, and users.

What Functions Does This Website Currently Have?


  1. Collects user information for automated and manual follow up.
  2. Scheduling software for appointments and consultations.
  3. Access to information relevant to user authentication.
  4. Employees can publish information only accessible to specific groups of users.
  5. Employees can login and manage daily tasks, user inquiries, schedule and follow up with already scheduled consultations, track leads and follow ups, publish pertinent information to client profiles including analytics reports, invoices, tasks, etc.
  6. Business Executives can do everything employees can do plus manage employee accounts.

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