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What Do You Have To Do?

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Who Is This For?

Any Sized Business

Businesses who want a new website but have been quoted way too high by contractors.

Businesses that don't have a website.

Businesses That Want Advanced Analytics on Their Customers.

Businesses Who Want To Sell Their Products Online.

Businesses Who Want Their Websites To Convert Visitors Into Leads.

What Does Our Process Entail?

Step 1 - We Will Announce And Contact The Winner.

Step 2 - Upon contact, we will discuss the scope of your project and timeline, send you a document to fill out with all relative account passwords, and a dropbox link for you to send us any content you may have.

Step 3 - We will send you a first draft of your website for review in which you can suggest minor edits and provide feedback.

Step 4 - We deliver the final product to you along with a document containing any additional account passwords we may have created for your benefit. We can guarantee that your website will not take longer than 3 weeks from contact to delivery.

Additional Information

Are there any costs to me?

The build of the website as it relates to its design is free, however the cost of any software, hosting, website security, email, domain, content, or databases will be the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER.

If you are starting from scratch, your total cost to begin will be around $30 for the domain and SSL (good for 1 year) and $30/month for your website hosting.

What will be the timeline of my project?

Your website will be completed in about 3 weeks from the time we first contact you.

The first draft will be delivered for review within a week and a half of contact, you will be given at least 3 days to suggest edits and provide feedback.

What limitations will be imposed on my project?

We will create all copy for all pages, profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, YouTube, and Google My Business (if you don’t have them), we will purchase your domain, hosting, and SSL for you (with your card, if you don’t already have them), and we will set up an email collection software for you (if you don’t have one). All copy and web pages will be substantial but to our discretion. This is not an open end agreement to build an infinitely large website!

What platform will you use to build my website?

When we discuss the scope of your project over the phone, we will determine whether or not your website will be on either WordPress of Shopify.

For your domain, hosting, and SSL, we will purchase all what you need through GoDaddy.

For the email collection software, we will use Mailchimp.


Online Marketing Ventures, Inc. (OMV) does not promise any increase in income, web traffic, or leads with the delivery of the contest winner’s website. The contest winner will assume ownership and all responsibility, legal or financial, as it relates to the website’s operations and maintenance including but not limited to its domain, hosting, security, data, software, email, posts to the website, etc… throughout the build and delivery of the new website. The website owner may choose to hire OMV to maintain the website but does not have to. OMV assumes no liability of the website.¬†